Smooth on the outside 4-way stretch Polartec® Power Stretch®...Super Warm!

Polartec® Men's Racing Tight
Polartec® Men's Racing Tight
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Product Description

Polartec® Men's Racing Tight
Saddle Bums high-tech Endurance Racing Tights are designed to go the distance, whether in a race or a more leisurely trail ride. Stay snuggly warm in our four-way stretch Polartec® Power Stretch®. The seat pad wicks away moisture to eliminate chafing, and cushions the seat bones, while also acting as a great athletic supporter. The innovative shape of the inside knee pad allows you to bend the knee without bulky wrinkles, while cushioning legs on long rides and comes in 6 color choices pictured at left.

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Cargo Pocket
Cargo Pocket
Our Cargo Pocket is 6 1/2" X 4 1/2" (inside usable space) and is sewn directly onto the tights on the right leg. Big enough for even the larger cell phones, treats or anything else you want to be readily handy and will stay secure with a velcro closure.

Thanks to Tammy Bradley of Brooksville FL for modeling for us!
Men's Polartec Racing Double Seat Pad
Our Custom Double Seat Pad adds double the thickness in the rear area of our seat pad to increase cushioning to extra sensitive areas and does cover the tail bone area as well.
Men's Polartec Racing Sticky Buns
Men's Polartec Racing Sticky Buns
Add our Custom "Sticky Buns", sueded Clarino outer seat covering to give your Racing Tights extra stick in the saddle.

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